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AFFYA comes from Swahili afya which means HEALTH. It is therefore a platform that helps nurture our proclaimed ambition : to improve the health of its members and their families.
We provide timely and convenient medical care from caring and qualified physicians in the privacy of your home and / or clinic.
We treat every human being with dignity and respect.
We protect your privacy as if it were our own.
We are transparent in the prices charged by practitioners affiliated to our platform.

AFFYA is also your family doctor in your family shell.
  • We are reinitializing the Patient - Physician relationship, particularly when it comes to primary care.

  • We are bringing old-fashioned relationships up to date by using innovative technologies that allow practitioners to be in good condition to practice their jobs

  • We do this at transparent, fair and affordable prices (which are covered or reimbursed by insurance); so that quality care is never beyond the reach of patients.

AFFYA saves time and productivity by emphasizing RESPECT for the hours and days of appointments and the possibility of receiving care wherever we are and / or in our doctor's clinic.